Mission Viejo Country Club

Interview with Beau Hossler

June 30, 2016  By Shannon Brennan

Since 1967, Mission Viejo Country Club has seen some phenomenal players come out to enjoy the game of golf on our championship course.  In the early days we were fortunate enough to foster the talent of up-and-comer Mark O’Meara, and these days the young rising star that we are proud to call our own is Beau Hossler. 

Beau is no stranger to the public eye in the golfing world, having received national acclaim for his strong natural ability as a master of the game at a young age.  Achievements in this year alone include:

·      Fred Haskins (College Player of the Year) Award, Winner 2016

·      Ben Hogan Award, Finalist 2016

·      #1 Golfweek Men’s Collegiate Individual Ranking, (February, 2016)

·      #2 Golfweek Men’s World Amateur Ranking, (February, 2016) 

·      NCAA Championship, 2016 (Eugene, OR) – 5th place

·      Big 12 Conference Championship, 2016 (Trinity, TX) – T2nd place

·      3M Augusta Invitational, 2016 (Augusta, GA) – Individual Champion

·      Lamkin Grips San Diego Classic, 2016 (San Diego, CA) – Individual Champion

·      John Burns Intercollegiate, 2016 (Lihue, HI) – Tied/Individual Champion 

·      Arizona Intercollegiate, 2016, (Tucson, AZ) – Individual Champion

·      Jones Cup Invitational, 2016, (Georgia) – Champion

But most recently the focus in the news has shifted to an injury that occurred in May at the NCAA Championship.  We know that a lot of you have questions about what happened and what the plan is now, so I sat down with Beau and his caddy, MVCC member Bill Schellenberg, to get an update to share with our members.

The Injury: While competing in the Semi-Finals of the NCAA Championship against Andrew Levitt (who ironically is a former MVCC member), Beau dislocated his left shoulder resulting in a torn posterior labrum.  After an initial MRI, the doctors believed it is likely that he had an existing minor tear already that he was unaware of.  This is very common among athletes and does not cause any pain that would indicate that there is a problem.  Beau saw a doctor in Dallas and had his surgery there, where he was only in the hospital for 1 day.  The outcome was good: it was a simple orthoscopic procedure, it is not an injury that will reoccur, and there should be no further issues to contend with once he is fully recovered.

The Recovery Plan: Beau is on a 4 month recovery plan and in these first 3 weeks has already made significant progress.  Rehab began within a week of the surgery.  He will be back to putting and chipping within 2 months of the surgery, but he is not coming back to the game otherwise before then because he could risk incurring more damage by doing too much too soon.

Education: As he was before the injury, Beau is weighing his options on turning pro.  There is a lot to consider because he is looking at this as a long-term decision.  He has less than a year to go until he gets his finance degree from University of Texas at Austin, and this is something that he definitely plans to do no matter what the timeline.  With both sponsorship opportunities and scholarships still available to him, he has a lot to decide this month.

The Career: Beau will still get the exemptions that he earns this year, but the rest do not carry over.  He is optimistic that he will get more next year.  Many ask that if he does turn pro where he will play.  The answer is that you play wherever you can in an effort to ultimately achieve status on the PGA Tour.  There is no set schedule; you simply play where the opportunities arise.  What Beau does know is that when that time comes, he plans to live in Texas and will likely call Austin or Dallas home.  But not to worry, we will still see him regularly at MVCC as this is where his family and friends are!

The Competition: Beau is often asked how he feels about seeing his competitors doing well out there in the golfing world.  He is genuinely glad to see them succeed because that means that he too can succeed.  He is happy to see that young people can play to that level and it encourages him to do his best against his friends out there in the playing field.

Beau misses the game right now – of course.  But by following his doctor’s orders and recovery plan, he knows that in a short time he will be back in the game.  So when the time comes to (safely) practice again, we hope to have him back here at the Club perfecting his craft.